What is ScorePAD?

ScorePAD® Sports, Inc., is a baseball scoring software company that’s signature product is a system called ScorePAD. ScorePAD Sports also develops other baseball related systems that are used by professional teams and broadcasters. We have also launched a hosting site www.myscorepad.com to give coaches and fans the most comprehensive baseball or softball experience.

The company’s flagship software, ScorePAD, is a baseball scoring system designed for PCs and iPhones/iPod Touch handhelds (replacing the previous PDA software). The software allows users to score a baseball game on a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and save team statistics on a Windows desktop application. ScorePAD for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is currently sold to consumers solely through iTunes (Apple) and the desktop software is sold on the web at www.scorepad.com.

ScorePAD’s Apple based software allows users to score baseball or softball, youth through professional leagues without the use of messy paper and pencils.  The software does require each user to have their own iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which can be purchased from Apple, Inc.  The handhelds work along with your PC to produce statistics and game reports.

While at the game, the handheld serves as your official scorebook.  Scoring can be done by simply tapping on the screen or typing in results.  The program also allows the user to go back and easily correct a scoring mistake by selecting the exact play that needs updating, instead of going through each at-bat.  The program is flexible in accommodating individuals who enjoy thorough scoring and statistical analysis, or those who just like to cover the essentials.

Once the game is scored on the handheld, it can then be sent to a Windows based computer.  The corresponding ScorePAD Desktop software will produce printable box scores, play-by-play narratives, scoresheets, game reports, sortable statistic pages, HTML box scores, play-by-plays, scorecards and statistic pages. Game information can then be traded to other coaches, teams, or baseball enthusiasts by sending, emailing, or posting ScorePAD’s data to your MyScorePAD hosting site.

If you prefer to score on a computer, ScorePAD Desktop software has a game scoring view that provides the most user friendly scoring interface. The desktop software gives users the option to score games on a handheld device or a PC.

MyScorePAD (www.myscorepad.com) is a great tool for sharing all team information through your own team site hosted by ScorePAD. MyScorePAD allows you to view posted team schedules and results, uploaded photos, rosters, team statistics, box scores, and team announcements.  Your team Administrator can even link to other websites and post PDF handouts.

About ScorePAD Sports Inc, -- Based in Atlanta, GA., ScorePAD has been selling baseball scoring software for Windows and the Palm OS system over the Internet since 1997, and through Apple's iTunes store since July, 2009.  One of its many products – MLBStats™ Subscription Service allows baseball fans to download rosters and statistics for all of the current Major League teams every day of the regular season.  The innovator in the field of high-tech baseball statistical scorekeeping, ScorePAD is currently the only real-time in-game scoring system used by television broadcasters.  ScorePAD also customizes software for team stadium matrix and video boards, scoreboards and in-house score bugs.  For the last six years, ScorePAD has made major strides in stadium development, and is the standard in scoreboard software.  Using a desktop version of its signature scoring software, STADIUMnet has become the premium scoreboard system.  ScorePAD is currently being used in seven Major and Minor League stadiums and on over 1,000 baseball broadcasts a year. Professional clients of ScorePAD include the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals,