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Today in Major League Baseball, scoreboards are no longer just scoreboards.  With the advent of LED boards that display images in millions of colors with high definition (HD), scoreboards have transformed into a large video delivery devices.  With this new video technology comes the expectation of higher video production quality.  With all this new technology, ScorePAD Sports has created a software called STADIUMnet, that has quickly become the standard in scoreboard software technology.

STADIUMnet is a highly integrated system that provides in-depth statistical information to all stadium scoreboards in real-time including the innovative scorecard graphic only available through ScorePAD.  The informative scorecard displays baseball scoring results and base running advances on a single screen.  It is extremely popular among television broadcasters and fans at the ballpark.

ScorePAD has designed the STADIUMnet system to be user friendly with a fast learning curve.  The desktop scoring system has earned the reputation as being the easiest and most reliable software in the industry.  Since 2000, ScorePAD software has been counted on and used by Major League Baseball professionals.  Desktop scoring prides itself on innovation with hot buttons for scoring plays, one-touch substitutions and the capability to make timely scoring corrections.  STADIUMnet also provides access to daily downloads of rosters and statistics.  The entire system grants the venue the ability to make any video display-board an astounding presentation for its spectators.

In 2005, Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, became the first ballpark to use ScorePAD’s STADIUMnet system for its scoreboards.  ScorePAD provides the complete package that fuels the club’s record-breaking high-definition video board.  STADIUMnet technology helps the Braves’ 5,600 square foot hi-def screen blur the line between traditional stadium scoreboards and broadcast-quality television video production.  As of 2008, STADIUMnet also is the scoreboard system provider for four other Major League Baseball teams including: Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, and the Boston Red Sox.

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