ScorePAD 2013 Upgrade Basic
ScorePAD 2012 Upgrade Basic is a desktop only software for Windows. You need a previous version of ScorePAD desktop on your computer for this upgrade. Now you can score directly on your PC or receive/send games from/to your ScorePAD iPhone/Touch. This version gives you everything you need for baseball and softball scoring. This is a download only product. A download link and serial number will be given to you immediately upon checkout. *Important*1. This version will not fully function with the Palm Hotsync. You are able to Hotsync games but not rosters. 2. The new version will convert you database so we advice you back up your database before installing 2012 version. C:Program Files\ScorePAD Sports\ScorePAD Baseball\ScorePAD.spd.


  Sold as a downloadable product

                    Basic PC Features

  • Score and edit games directly on your personal computer
  • Send games and rosters to ScorePAD on your iPhone/Touch
  • Receive games and rosters from ScorePAD on your iPhone/Touch
  • Record plays with one-click scoring buttons
  • Updates games and season statistics after each pitch and at-bat
  • Supports baseball and softball rules
  • Understands scoring shorthand
  • Quick lineups and substitutions
  • Print scorecards, box scores and team statistics
  • Displays detailed line scores
  • Create rosters for multiple leagues
  • View and print over 50 batting and pitching statistics

System Requirements: Windows 7, XP or Vista.