Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

1. Software Questions

What are the system requirements to run ScorePAD on a Palm and PC?
Answer: ScorePAD is compatible with any Palm OS handheld device 3.0 or later with 2MB of memory and Palm Desktop 4.1 or later, and with a PC running Windows XP or Vista.

On which version of Palm will ScorePAD work?
Answer: ScorePAD is compatible with the Zire 72, Palm Tungsten C, E, E2, T, T2, T3, T5, W and T/X, Palm Treo 600, 650, 680, 700p, 755p and Palm Centro, and the Palm LifeDrive. This is not a complete list of compatible devices. If you have a question about a specific palm device please see system requirements answer or you may contact ScorePAD directly.

Does ScorePAD recommend a specific Palm device?
Answer: ScorePAD is compatible with any Palm OS device 3.0 or later. The first thing we usually tell people to do is to check out to get an idea of what that latest products and prices are. As far as recommending a specific Palm, it really depends on what type of budget you have. People that have a tight budget and are buying a Palm strictly to use ScorePAD only, we tend to suggest the Palm's least expensive device, the Z22 unit.
There are several other Palms that work well with our software such as the Palm T/X, Life Drive and the Tungsten T3 and T5. Those have expanded screens that provide ScorePAD users more scoring options, called hot buttons, allowing you to score the game easier and faster.
Nowadays Palm is mostly producing the Treo/Centro phones, however they make these in both Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms, so if you're looking at those just make sure you get a Palm OS. If there is a specific unit you are looking at and have a question about we would be glad to offer you feedback.

Will ScorePAD work on my Mac system?
Answer: ScorePAD's software is ONLY compatible with Windows-based PCs, however, you can run ScorePAD on a Mac system with one of the conversion software's that allows you to run Windows on a Mac – Virtual PC, Parallels or Boot Camp.

Will ScorePAD work on my Windows Mobile device?
Answer: ScorePAD software is ONLY compatible with Palm OS PDA devices. However, we recommend our windows mobile users to StyleTap software, which converts Palm OS to windows. StyleTap's software allows users to run Palm OS applications on Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones. StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile works with any device running one of:
Windows Mobile 6.0
Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone
Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC
Pocket PC 2002
Pocket PC 2000
StyleTap for Windows Mobile PocketPC is for devices that have a touch screen and a stylus, including brands such as Treo700w/700wx, HP iPAQs, Dell Axim, and several HTC models. StyleTap for Windows Mobile for Smartphone is for devices without a touch screen and a stylus, and provide a 5-way button for moving around the screen. Windows Mobile Smartphone brands include Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack, and T-Mobile Dash.

PLEASE NOTE: StyleTap does NOT support synchronization using conduits at this time. StyleTap provides a free 14-day trial of its software. It is strongly recommended that you use their trial first to make sure the software operates according to your needs. More information can be found at

How many games will ScorePAD hold on the Palm?
Answer: ScorePAD will hold as many games as you have memory on your Palm OS device. On a Palm with 2MB of memory you can store over 300 games. The size of each game depends on the number of players, at-bats, and substitutions. Of course, you can permanently store these games on your PC once you Hot Sync. Your PC game database can hold as many games as you have disk space.

I got a new computer. How do I re-install the software?
Answer: You can re-download and re-install your software at anytime by logging into your account page on our website. There you will find a download link.

How do I save my ScorePAD database so I can transfer it to another computer?
Answer: To locate your ScorePAD database of games on your desktop computer do the following: On your desktop select your Start menu; Select My Computer; Double click and open up your C Drive (hard drive); Open your Program Files folder; Open your ScorePAD Sports folder, Open your ScorePAD Baseball folder, Locate your database -- it will be named ScorePAD.spd. You can copy and paste this on your desktop and email it, put it on a flash drive or CD and transfer it to another PC.

I purchased a new palm device and now need a new key code to register my ScorePAD.
Answer: You will need to email this request into us at in order for us to clear out and reset your key code.

Do I need a Product Reference Code or License Key?
Answer: No, all you need to register and activate ScorePAD on your desktop system is your serial number.

I purchased ScorePAD but I still get expiration messages in ScorePAD Palm and/or RosterPAD Palm. How do I stop them?
Answer: After version 3.1, ScorePAD's evaluation and purchase versions are the same. You must enter your serial number to stop the expiration messages.
1. Select About ScorePAD (or About RosterPAD) from the Options menu.
2. Tap the Register button.
3. Enter the serial number you received at the time of purchase.
This will stop those messages.

I am a high school coach and we have a varsity, junior varsity and freshman team. Each coach has his own palm. Do I have to buy three full copies of the software?
Answer: No, you will not need to purchase three full combo versions for this situation. With the purchase of our Combo Deluxe system you have the ability to download and install ScorePAD on more than one desktop computer, however, the software comes with only one (1) Palm license. You would need to purchase one Combo Deluxe version and two additional Palm (Only) Deluxe software licenses.

I am getting an Invalid Machine Code Error. How can I fix this?
Answer: This is the long serial number folder/file that needs to be deleted. Do so by:
On your desktop;
Go to Start;
My computer;
Double-click the C Drive (hard drive);
Open Program Files folder;
Open ScorePAD Sports folder (may be Alegis for some users);
Open ScorePAD Baseball folder;
Then look for a folder with a long serial number and right click and delete it.

When I open the program, it came up with my old ScrorePAD Basic and the Basic serial number. I then removed Basic from my computer, reloaded Combo Deluxe, and ran the program. It again opened as Basic with the Basic serial number. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: When a serial number is not accepted it is most likely because of one of two things, either you are not entering the dashes, or you are copy/pasting the number in and not hand typing it in. You must hand type the serial number in with all the dashes. DO NOT copy and paste.

I bought the Windows Deluxe and the Palm Deluxe software separately. I cannot seem to get the palm to hotsync to the computer. What is the problem?
Answer: The Windows Deluxe (or Basic) software is exactly that, Windows ONLY software; and the Palm Deluxe (or Basic) software is a Palm ONLY software system. They will not work in conjunction with each other.  Only ScorePAD's Combo versions (Combo Basic or Combo Deluxe) will allow you to use your PDA and PC together.

Can I get my software on a CD?
Answer: Because the software is completely downloadable upon purchase from our website we generally do not send out discs simply because we have very few in-house. Special exceptions are made if a customer is in dire need, however a nominal fee will be required. If you require a disc you may call or email us to request one.

Does ScorePAD include documentation...A manual perhaps?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD includes a complete 130+ page manual for ScorePAD Palm, RosterPAD Palm, and ScorePAD Desktop. ScorePAD Desktop also includes a complete Windows Help system.

You can gain access to ScorePAD's manual through the following selection under Windows:

Start > Programs > ScorePAD Baseball > ScorePAD Manual

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC before you can view the manual. You can obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat from

If you don't have ScorePAD's desktop installed under Windows, the file name to open in Adobe Acrobat is ScorePAD.PDF.

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2. Getting Started

I downloaded the 10-day trial version and it has expired after only three days. What gives?
Answer: The main reason why this happens is because ScorePAD has been downloaded (in one form or another) previously on the same computer. Most likely the trial has been re-downloaded or re-installed onto the same computer more than once. The evaluation is designed to be used on a computer that has never had ScorePAD on it before. Unfortunately, we have no way of renewing a demo. If you have access to another computer to download the trial on we would recommend that. Also, we have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you purchase our product and are unsatisfied for any reason you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

My trial worked great. So I bought the Palm Deluxe. Now I cannot print stats? What did I do wrong?
Answer: The trial provides users the Combo Deluxe version to evaluate for 10 days at no charge. The Combo Deluxe version is ScorePAD's premier product giving the user all Palm and desktop scoring functionalities. The Palm Deluxe software is Palm scoring software ONLY, and does not come with any corresponding desktop software.

Where do I need to enter my serial numbers?
Answer: There are three places you need to enter your ScorePAD serial number: ScorePAD Palm, RosterPAD Palm, and ScorePAD Desktop. To enter the serial number, go to About ScorePAD (Under Options in the Palm and Help in the desktop) or About RosterPAD (Under Options) and register the product. Make sure you hand type in all the numbers with the dashes and do not copy/paste. This is very important.

If you purchased an MLB Stats subscription, then you will need to enter this number in ScorePAD Desktop. Under Help > About ScorePAD there is a space to enter the MLB Stats number.

How do I enter rosters for my team so that I can use them on my handheld?
Answer: There are three ways to do this:
1) On ScorePAD desktop, go to the Roster view. Select or create a new league that will hold your players. Now hit the "New" button at the bottom of the RosterPAD. Now enter in all the players' information. Continue this until you have created all your players in RosterPAD. Finally Hot Sync your handheld and the league and players you created will be on your RosterPAD on the handheld.

2) The other way is to enter the league and players on the handheld through RosterPAD. Once in RosterPAD, you would select the league in the upper right hand corner. If you have not created the league yet, select Edit Categories and then hit New to create a new league. Now that the league is selected, to create a player in the league you must hit the New button. This will prompt you to enter the player’s information.

VERY IMPORTANT: ScorePAD recommends NOT assigning positions when entering your players in RosterPAD to prevent duplications in stats.

3) If you subscribe to MLB Stats, then all you have to do is download the MLB teams you want to your desktop and Hot Sync them over to your Palm.

I have entered in my rosters and got the game started but I cannot advance past the first batter. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: This sounds like an end time has been entered for your game. To change this, go back to the Game Setup screen and select End Time. Set this to in progress and you should be able to score the game.

I have entered all of my players into RosterPAD but I cannot see them when I am trying to enter the starting lineups. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: It sounds like you have not selected the proper league to begin your game. On the Game Setup screen, there is a Parameters button on the bottom left. Hit this button, and then it will allow you to select the league, number of players, etc. Now you should be able to select your team and players when you setting up the game.

Can I use infrared to trade lineups with other teams that use ScorePAD?
Answer: Yes. After you create your lineup in ScorePAD you can beam that lineup into any game of another infrared-equipped Palm OS device running ScorePAD. It only takes a couple seconds and it sure beats writing. If you have entered both lineups and want to send both, you can beam the entire game. In fact, if some one wants a copy of your score card from a game, you can beam it to them and less than 10 seconds.

I accidentally put in the wrong lineup and I credited an at-bat to the wrong player. Is there a way to edit this?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD allows you to edit just about everything. You can edit the lineup even after the game is over. You can edit each at-bat's detail including:

The pitcher, the batter, the pitch sequence, the advances, the batter at the plate during each advance, whether a scored run resulted in an RBI, whether a scored run is earned or unearned, you can also undo and redo on-base, outs, advances, and pitches.

So if you score an at-bat with the wrong batter, go back to the at-bat, and undo the play. Next select the right batter. A prompt will ask you if this is a Substitution or a Correction. In this case it is a Correction. Make sure the fixed lineup is correct by going to the Edit Lineup screen so the next at-bat of that lineup spot will be correct.

I score a lot of doubleheaders and tournaments and have trouble with my palm battery quickly dying. What can I do?
Answer: If you do not have access to an electrical outlet in order to charge your palm there are a few tips we can provide to help save your battery life. First, turn your palm off in between innings. Even though it is only a few minutes, that time adds up in the long run. Also, if you are not scoring during a bright sunny day, you can turn the screen brightness down. This will greatly save battery life on the palm.

I cannot see my palm screen during a bright sunny day.
Answer: While this is more of a palm related issue, the only thing we can recommend regarding this is to find some shade or to manipulate the brightness of the screen.

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3. RosterPAD

Entering your teams into RosterPAD: We recommend when creating your rosters in RosterPAD to NOT to assign positions. The reason for this is because if you assign John Smith as a pitcher and he plays a game as the first baseman, our software will recognize that as two different players - John Smith - P; John Smith - 1B - and your stats will duplicate in Stats View. Also, it is not essential to enter in a batting order number into RosterPAD either.

Does ScorePAD come with all Major League Baseball team rosters?
Answer: To receive full access to Major League rosters and updated stats you can purchase an MLB Stats subscription. With your annual subscription, you will get updated individual stats and rosters for every team in Major League Baseball (now includes Spring Training!).

Will RosterPAD allow the storage of opposing teams rosters?
Answer: Yes it will. RosterPAD will allow the storage of any roster, from the Major leagues to T-ball.

I did not receive the opposing team's lineup in time to add them to RosterPAD; can I write in their players as they come to the plate?
Answer: Scoring on the Palm: You can enter ScorePAD's Lineup Editor from the Score card and At-bat views. You can write in (with Graffiti) the players' numbers as they come to the plate. You may also write in their first and last names and select their defensive positions from the Lineup Editor. It is extremely simple. By the way, if you have entered the opposing team's roster in advance, you touch batting order number and pick each player from a list. That is even easier.

Also, you can hold your stylus on home plate for 2 seconds and enter all player information include number, name, position, batting hand, and throwing hand when the player comes to the plate.

Can I use infrared to trade Rosters in RosterPAD?
Answer: Yes. RosterPAD beams players, teams, and leagues to other RosterPAD users.

How do I setup ScorePAD to use rosters from RosterPAD?
Answer: To use RosterPAD rosters with ScorePAD you must:
1. Create 2 or more players in RosterPAD under the same league.
2. Give all of the players the exact same team name.
3. Give all players different jersey numbers (Very Important!).
4. Get into ScorePAD and go to Game Setup.
5. Create a game in ScorePAD by selecting Create New Game from the Options menu of Game Setup.
6. Go to the Game Parameters dialog and select the proper league(s).
7. Enter the team name(s) that matches the team name(s) under which you created players in RosterPAD.
8. Press the Done button.
9. Select Reload Rosters from the Options menu of the Scorecard view.
10. Touch each lineup slot to add players from RosterPAD to the lineup.
You can also use the Lineup Wiz to create lineups using RosterPAD rosters.

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4. Special Rules Questions

How do I set up a game using the designated hitter (DH)?
Answer: This setting can be found on the desktop scoring system by going to Game Scoring View and selecting Edit, Game setup, Parameters. Place a check in the box that says "DH may be used," which is located at the bottom of the parameters prompt box. If scoring on the Palm, go to your Card view, select your Options menu, Game Setup and Parameters.

Whenever the DH may be used checkbox is checked, the software automatically assumes that the last place batter is not batting and is being DHed for - no matter how many players are in the lineup. For example, if you are scoring in the American League game, you would need to set your lineup with 10 players and place the pitcher in the 10 spot of the batting order. This will allow ScorePAD to gather defensive statistics for that player without placing him or her in the batting order and a lineup slot will appear at the end of the score card with no at-bat squares adjacent to it.

My team is using the DH and the opponent is not. How do I set up my game for that?
Answer: The easiest way to handle this situation is set up the game using the DH for both teams. For example, if the home team is batting 9 players with no DH, while the visiting team is using a DH with a 10 player lineup you would need to set up the game as a 10 vs. 10 and DH may be used checkbox checked. For the team that is not using the DH simply place one of the players from the lineup in the 10 spot. It will show as twice in the lineup but this will not cause any duplication of defensive stats. You just need to place someone in that last spot as the software will skip that spot as you score.

How do I set up a 7-inning game instead of the normal 9-innings?
Answer: When scoring on the desktop, select Edit, Game Setup, Parameters, and there you will see the option to your scheduled innings. When scoring on the palm, go into your Card view, select your Options menu, Game Setup and Parameters.

Will ScorePAD allow a team to bat more than 9 players?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD allows up to 18 lineup players per team. Of course, this is not the roster size, which can be up to 60 players; the number of lineup players is the size of the batting order. This parameter can be set separately for each team in the game. The home team might have 10 lineup players while the visiting team has 12 lineup players. This feature is designed for youth baseball teams that allow everyone on the team to be part of the batting order while only 9 players have defensive positions. ScorePAD can also use the Designated Hitter (DH) rule and take the pitcher out of the batting order. This can be done from the Game Setup page under Parameters.

In leagues that let all players bat, what is the easiest way to do substitutions? I have kids that play in the field for 2 innings, sit for 2 innings, and then finish the game in another position. Can ScorePAD account for this?
Answer: Yes we can, believe it or not! The way to do this is actually pretty simple. When setting up the game under the Game Parameters screen, select how many players each team will have. Now go to the Scorecard view and enter in the lineup. Since all players will bat in the same order, the only substitutions that will take place are defensive. We have found it easiest to do these substitutions from the Edit Lineup screen, which can be found from the Scorecard View under Options. This allows you to select positions for the players and those not playing in the field you can select no position. This will let them bat and not record any defensive stats while they are on the bench.

In softball tournaments, we might come to the plate with a 1 ball, 1 strike count. How does ScorePAD handle that?
Answer: ScorePAD allows you to select an initial count. You can select 1 & 2, 2 & 2, or 3 & 2, as your initial count. If you select an initial count, ScorePAD starts each batter with that count. This can be done from the Game Setup page under Parameters.

How does ScorePAD handle innings where teams switch sides for reasons other than 3 outs?
Answer: ScorePAD keeps track of the logical batting order. ScorePAD could not possibly keep track all of run/slaughter/mercy rules of the various leagues. However, ScorePAD has a menu command called "Switch Sides" that allows you to manually override ScorePAD's batting order logic. After selecting "Switch Sides," the next logical batter of the other side will become the current batter.

Can ScorePAD handle the softball International Tie-breaker Rule (ITR)?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD allows you to set the ITR preference. When you set this preference, ScorePAD implements the ITR when the game is tied at the end of the number of scheduled innings set in Game Parameters. You will be able to enter either 1 or 2 runners to be placed on base. ScorePAD will place the batter(s) with the last complete at-bat in the previous inning on second base, or second and third, at the beginning of each half-inning.

Does ScorePAD handle the softball short fielder and extra hitter positions?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD provides a preference to include Short fielder in its Defensive Positions dialog. ScorePAD will also allow you to use 0 (zero) as the defensive position for Short Fielder in Graffiti play input. You should use short fielder as the defensive position of fourth outfield position even when using the left-center and right-center outfield arrangements. To activate the Short Fielder, from the GSP view, select Options>Preferences> Use Short Fielder Position. As for the Extra Hitter, you can simply have them in the lineup without a position listed. This will allow them to participate offensively without accumulating defensive statistics.

Under some leagues, the ERA calculation is not correct. It differs between games on the Palm and the desktop. How do I correct this difference?
Answer: The number of innings used in the ERA calculation is selectable in ScorePAD Palm & ScorePAD desktop. RosterPAD Palm has fixed ERA Innings value of 9. RosterPAD Palm's ERA Innings can be found under the Options and Preferences menu.

To set ERA Innings for a game in ScorePAD Palm:
1. Start a new game, or open an existing game.
2. Go to the GSP view
3. Select Preferences from the Options menu
4. Select the number of ERA Innings from list

To set ERA Innings for a league in ScorePAD Desktop:
1. Go to the Roster view
2. Click the Leagues drop-down list
3. Select Edit Leagues...
4. In Edit Leagues dialog, select the league you want to change
5. Select new ERA Innings from list in the lower-right of Edit Leagues dialog.

Once you have set ERA Innings for a league on the desktop, all Earned Run Averages calculated for players in that league will use the selected ERA Innings.

How do I credit a defensive player with an error for dropping a foul ball? Since no players advanced or reached base I cannot use either of those error types.
Answer: ScorePAD now has a Charged Dropped Foul Error function. While in the GSP view, pull down your options and under At-Bat you will see Charged Dropped Foul Error (it may say Charge Additional Error on some versions) Select this and it will prompt you to select the player to assign the error to.

On ScorePAD's desktop scoring system you will see the button on the lower right hand corner of the screen marked Dropped Foul Error.

What is a "No Pitch" and how do I record it?
Answer: ScorePAD allows you to record a "No Pitch" by touching the N button. Fortunately, this rarely occurs. A no pitch happens when the pitcher attempts a pitch and for some reason, either the batter asks for timeout, the umpire was not ready, something or someone interfered, or for some reason, the umpire calls “No Pitch,” and throws his hands up and forward. The pitch still adds to the pitch count but is not called a ball or strike.

This function is a preference that needs to be activited in the software to use. From the game scoring screen on the palm, select Options, Pitch Detail Preferences and make sure the box that says Pitch count only balls and strikes is UN-checked. From the game scoring view on the Desktop system, select Edit and Preferences.

How do I skip an at-bat?
Answer: ScorePAD allows you to skip a batter. In games that use free substitution rules, players might leave the game leaving nine or more players in the lineup. Since you cannot reduce the size of the lineup once you have gone through the entire lineup, ScorePAD allows you to skip that player's at-bat and score the next batter.
You can use the function from the game scoring view on the palm and the desktop by selecting the At-Bat menu and Skip At-bat.

In cases where the team has eight batters, the ninth batter would probably not be skipped but counted as an out. In these cases, don’t use Skip At-bat. Give that batter an out.

What is the difference between a Courtesy runner and Pinch runner?
Answer: Some leagues play with the re-entry rule - allowing players who have substituted for to re-enter into the game. This is common with softball leagues. Using a courtesy runner allows the player who was subbed for to automatically be re-entered into the game. Using the pinch runner will keep the PR in the game for the player subbed for.

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5. Post Game

How do I set the Winning or Losing Pitcher?
Answer: From the Score Card view, under Stats select Win/Lose Pitcher. It will then take you to a screen where you can select the win, loss, and save for the game. On the desktop scoring system this can be found under the Edit menu, win/lose/save pitchers.

How do I end a game?
Answer: To end a game at any time for any reason you can go into your Game Setup screen and select Now next to End Time.

If the game is not tied at the end of the Scheduled Innings (Game Parameters dialog), ScorePAD will prompt you to set the end time of the game to the current time. If you answer yes, ScorePAD will set the end time by the Palm or PC's system clock. You can then set the winning, losing, and save pitchers. You should also save the lineups so that you can quickly create the lineup for the next game.

You might also want to check to make sure you substituted players correctly and scored plays as they occurred. That is, if you had any questions about at-bats, now is the time to correct them so you don't forget.

ScorePAD doesn't require that you make any corrections to stats after you Hot Sync. If you score the game correctly, ScorePAD will handle generating the correct statistics for batters and pitchers.

If you find a mistake, you can correct the mistake on your Palm or PC, Hot Sync, and ScorePAD will correct all of the stats.

Can I create web pages from statistics generated by ScorePAD?
Answer: Yes. ScorePAD's Deluxe versions allow you to generate web pages from batting and pitching statistics. ScorePAD automatically links season and day-by-day web pages. You can also link day-by-day stats to box score web pages if you choose.

I am having trouble hotsyncing my games from the palm to the PC. Help!
Answer: Hotsyncing issues are sometimes hard to pinpoint. Some things we would recommend trying if you're having difficulties are:

Re-boot your computer.

Locate your hotsync icon on the task bar of your computer (along the bottom of the screen) -- then right click and select exit. Then go to your Start menu and go to Palm and select Hotsync Manager to reopen the hotsync. Sometimes the hotsync just needs to be re-started, or re-booted if you will.

Right click on your hotsync icon and make sure you only have Local USB checked.

Also you can right click on your hotsync icon and select custom -- then identify the items that you will not be needing for the sync -- such as Calendar, Contacts, Memos, etc. -- then double click on each item and select Do Nothing. This will allow the hotsync to run faster, especially if you are just needing ScorePAD and RosterPAD functions.

You can also try doing a soft reset on the palm. This is like re-booting your computer. You will not lose any data.

Make sure your palm name matches up with the name on your computer, check by opening your Palm Desktop software on desktop and looking at the name on the upper right hand corner of screen. On palm tap on the hotsync icon to go to hotsync page and check the name on the upper right hand corner of screen. These two names must match.

If you still cannot get it to work I would suggest un-installing both Palm Desktop and ScorePAD from your computer and then re-installing both. The palm desktop must be put on your computer, first, before ScorePAD. If that was not done originally that most likely is the problem.

I cannot find my games on my Score Card view in my desktop, but the stats show up in the Team Stats view.
Answer: This most likely is a date range issue. On your Score Card page on your desktop, select Edit and Preferences and check your date range. Most likely the End Date needs to be changed.

What is the difference between Lock-in season stats, Release season stats, and Update season stats on the palm?
Answer: Lock-in season stats takes the RosterPAD data and adds the current game to it. If you lock in at the end of the game the batting average in the box score on the desktop and the game itself on the PDA will hold those batting averages and other statistics. For example: 10-for-50 in the RosterPAD. Player goes 2-3 in the game so the average will not read .667 it will read 12-for-53 .226.

Release season stats is used for when you have locked in season stats but now need to correct a mistake. By releasing season stats it will go back to saying the average is .667 but after you correct the mistake and lock in again will once again add the RosterPAD data with the game data.

Update season stats takes the game 2-for-3 and adds it RosterPAD to make new totals on RosterPAD. Or else RosterPAD would still read 10-for-50.

My players are duplicating in the Team Stats view on the PC. What is causing this?
Answer: Important: First, we recommend when you create your rosters in RosterPAD NOT to assign positions. The reason for this is because if you assign John Smith as a pitcher and he plays a game as the first baseman, our software will recognize that as two different players - John Smith - P; John Smith - 1B - and your stats will duplicate in Stats View.

If that is not what caused your issue, what you will need to do now is to call up each game in the Score Card view on the PC that the duplicate player played in to make sure each entry is consistent. Once you call up a game, then double click on any player's name in the lineup box to call up the Edit Lineups prompt box. Then find the player's name and double click on his/her name to call up the Edit Lineup Player prompt box. You'll need to make sure every game is the same entry to ensure the stats from duplicating. If you spelled the player's name different in one game, or used a different jersey number in one game this will cause duplication of player stats. All entries must be consistent for each game.

How do I send my games from the PC to the PDA?
Answer: ScorePAD has designed its hotsync function to bring games from the PDA to the PC and to send data from RosterPAD on the PC to the PDA. Doing a regular hotsync is not going to automatically send the games on your computer to your palm without specifically telling your hotsync to do so. You will need to do the following to perform this function:

Open ScorePAD on your desktop and go to the Score Card view.

Select FILE, Send games to PDA.

This will bring up a prompt box with all your games listed. Now you will need to click under the Send column to change the "NO" to a Yes for every game you want to sync to the palm.

Then do a hotsync.

How do I export my team's statistics into an Excel spreadsheet?
Answer: Here is how you do this:
In ScorePAD - go to the stats view and set your date range, call up your team

Create a new folder on your desktop (name it after your team)

In ScorePAD (Stats view) Select File and Export statistics; browse and select the folder you created from the desktop

Open Excel

File < Open and find folder with your team's stats

Under Files of type select "text files"

Highlight file and click open

The Delimited box on the next pop up page should be checked and then click next

Check the comma box, next and then finish

Organize the data any way you want

I cannot find my games. They do not seem to be hotsyncing over from the PDA to the PC.
Answer: If you are having a problem finding your games on your desktop that you have scored and synced from your palm device you might need to check the following:

On your Score Card View on your desktop -- Make sure you are in the correct league in the league drop down menu. Switch it to All or Unfiled and see if you games show up the game drop down menu.

Then on the same page -- go to EDIT, Preferences and check your date range. Make sure that end date is correct.

If you still cannot find your games go back into that same prompt box that you checked the date range and place a check in the check box where is says "Make sure PC contains all games on PDA" (slower hotsync). And then do another hotsync and see if the games show up.

How do I delete games from my palm?
Answer: To delete games from your palm do the following:

Go to your Score Card view

Select your Options menu and select Game Setup

From the Game Setup page, select your Options menu and you will see the menu choices to Delete games.

My stats in the Team Stats View are correct but in the RosterPAD view they are not. How do I fix this?
Answer: This can be resolved by going into your Team Stats view page and calling up your team. Then select File and Update RosterPAD statistics. Select Yes, and Yes to all. This should make all your stats consistent with each other.

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