Create Your MyScorePAD Account

1. Go to
2. Click on the MyScorePAD menu link.
3. Click on the Get MySP button.
4. On the Add Cart page, click the Checkout button.
5. Add your account information and continue checking out.
6. Click checkbox for "Payment constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy. I accept the terms of this agreement. Click here to view policy".
7. Click checkbox for "How did you hear about ScorePAD?" and "Which describes your baseball/software affiliation?", then click the Checkout button.
8. Click continue to receipt.
9. Go to the MyScorePAD website and enter your login information. (Must be the username and password and not your username and password.)
10. Login using your email and password and you’ll see the new users page.
11. Click Manage Teams in the menu bar.
12. Select Add Team Button to create a new team or click on an existing team (You must be an administrator).
13. Fill out team info.
14. Click OK to add team.
15. Click My Home menu button and you’ll be take to your newly created team.

Start Scoring with LIVE GameCAST

1. Go to and click on the team you will score for and viewing LIVE.
2. Get the MyScorePAD Team ID (exclude beginning 0’s) from the team's page.
3. Open your ScorePAD iPhone application.
4. Click on Roster button.
5. Create your team or use an existing team.
6. Go back to the Roster view and select the MyScorePAD team that you'll be showing LIVE.
7. Click on blue arrown and enter your team’s MyScorePAD ID in the section titled MyScrPD#.
8. Go back to the Roster View and click on the i button.
9. Click the Sign In button.
10. Enter your username and password for your MyscorePAD account. (Must be the username and password and not your username and password.)
11. Once you’re logged in, create a game by pressing New Game button.
12. Select the team you would like to score. (Make sure your team has a MyScorePAD ID attached to it.)
13. Go back to Menu Screen.
14. If you are a Premium member, you’ll be prompted to start steaming the game. If yes is selected, you must have MyScorePAD ID attached to team to start. If no is selected, it will not start streaming. If you enter in your MyScorePAD ID, you must go back to Menu Screen and click Start GameCast button.
15. Close out of the menu screen and start scoring.
If successful, a green dot will show on the scoring screen.

Sign into MyScorePAD Account from Your iPhone

1. Download ScorePAD to your iPhone for from the AppStore.
2. Open your ScorePAD iPhone application.
3. Click the i button to be directed to Setup screen.
4. Click the Sign In button.
5. Enter your username and password. (Must be the username and password and not your username and password.)
6. Click Sign In.